Information and data key to the city of the future
Singapore skyline

A Singapore-based drone entrepreneur is predicting a future where the skies are full of data-gathering drones, measuring and monitoring every aspect of the urban environment.

Mark Yong, CEO and co-founder at Garuda Robotics, which customise drone kit for specific applications, suggests that data gathered by autonomous drones could lead directly to better urban management. He predicts this will all be part of the development of the smart city of the future.

“To realise this vision we must collect, manage and process large amounts of data about our urban environment. Without data, we cannot discover trends and identify the root causes of problems,” he wrote on specialist tech-blog, E27.

As drones become more capable and accessible, they may supplement or replace the roles played by fixed cameras, which aren’t able to capture the same variety of views of a city. From real-time monitoring of emergencies to detailed mapping of every tree and structure, drones have the potential to contribute a huge amount of data, fuelling how a city is run with information.

“Even in a highly urban environment like Singapore, there are numerous tracts of land that need to be monitored and maintained,” said Yong.