Pilots matched to customers as Workmode puts drones to work


As commercial applications for drone technologies keep emerging, mapping has turned out to be one of the most lucrative. From construction sites to industrial installations, people are finding detailed aerial maps are useful tools for gathering precise data.

With demand for the data drones can deliver on the rise, pilots are finding themselves in demand too. One drone service provider Skycatch has responded to this shift in demand by creating Workmode to connect pilots with those who need aerial imagery.

Workmode offers a simple platform that lets customers book mapping jobs while the system connects them to their nearest pilots. It also enrols pilots to provide the service, making sure they’re up to the job with its own in-house certification course. Pilots fly their own drones, with Workmode helping them handle the different kinds of data customers request, outlining the equipment requirements and processing the image files. The company is describing it as ‘the world’s first marketplace for aerial imagery’, but the idea of matching customers to providers using technology is one that has got an increasing number of businesses off to a flying start.