Nepalese and Indian conservationists have been incredibly proactive in using drone technology to stamp out the poaching of endangered species.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are used by teams of personnel as for two central reasons. Firstly as a means of monitoring the health and security of the rare tigers, elephants and rhinoceri that roam their national parks; recently they’ve been collecting data on felines within the Panna Tiger Reserve in India. 

Secondly, they wish to publicise the fact that the poaching of rare species is still very much a modern problem and one that has severe consequences for both poacher and humanity alike. 

Diwakar Chapagain, coordinator of the wildlife trade monitoring program for WWF Nepal, said “The message to the public is that anyone going into the park can be monitored. Their picture can be taken by the UAV and, later on, they can be arrested. That will be a deterrent.”