FlyLab wants to get drones into the classroom

Education looks set to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the rise in drones.

Small, low-cost and relatively readily available, the small flying craft are sparking a new wave of ideas and innovation among educators. Pair this with a genuine demand for new ways to draw students into science and technology subjects and opportunities emerge.

“Education is a crucial sector. The aim is to inspire and empower students with new skills required for the new digital age,” said Ibrahim Elbadawi co-founder of  FlyLab - Drone for Education. The entrepreneur, who runs several tech-focussed start ups, created Fly Lab as a practical solution to transform curricula and provide a tool for education.

“Using Fly Lab, students and teachers can use a drone and they can choose from a wide range of technology – such as sensors and cameras - to design a newer version of current classroom exercises,” he said.

“We work with schools, students and teachers to help them compile the technology needed for each particular class or subject, plus we help them with some of the coding and development needed to make it work. We give them the training they need to run the exercise, while ensuring it’s all compliant with the UAE regulations for using drones.”

Elbadawi and the rest of the Fly Lab team see their place in the semi final of the Drones for Good awards as an opportunity to apply their skills, while meeting the challenges of the competition.

“We are more convinced about the significance of education as a sector,” he said. “We have spent a lot of time talking to students and teachers and those designing curricula and every time we discover how important education is.”