Airlines may find opportunity in drone industry
Lufthansa exploring drone uses


As civilian drone use grows both in complexity and sophistication what started out as a fun pastime for hobbyist flyers could become big business for the aviation industry.

In June comments from the head of Lufthansa, Carsten Spohr revealed that the company is looking at how it might tap into the civilian drone market. The CEO was speaking to journalists when he explained that maintenance and pilot training were just two aspects of the emerging drone industry that might be a good fit for the airline group’s support arms.

As the legal infrastructure around drones continues to develop in different countries, pilot training is the first thing likely to become a standalone concern, as authorities seek to regulate who can fly what, where. Not only will pilots likely have to be qualified, but the rules may eventually extend to certifying them for specific types of activity, such as flying above populations, or at night.

While many drones are considered expensive toys, those used in commercial applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Keeping them in good working order will be essential to business continuity, as well as potential safety regulations. Airline support service may find themselves best placed to handle both the swathe of likely regulations while having the technical know-how on hand too.