Helicopters patrol our beaches while lifeguards spend hours staring at the ocean waiting to react to an emergency situation and rescue police teams are often seen driving close by the Dubai shoreline. Yet, we still hear of swimmers whose lives get taken away due to environmental or non-environmental factors. 

There is a time delay between responding to an emergency versus the likeliness of survival. Often times, by the time a lifeguard notices an emergency, the time taken to report the situation or to get access to a rescue boat is already too long, with chances of a drowning person's survival falling by the second. 

The Sanad Smart Ring will fly itself to a drowning victim as an emergency response. The Ring will be infused with drone technology within its body. Electronics and smart chipsets that will run through its foam body will enable features such as GPS positioning and radio communication with tablets, computers and transmitters. 

Waterproof cameras installed within its frame will provide live feed from within the ring. The Smart Ring will transform the role of a lifeguard completely.

A beach lifeguard will be able to launch this easy to use product on the touch of a button on an iOS or Android device. The ring shall feature smart features such as follow mode and POI flight. Follow mode will allow the ring to automatically target and fly towards a drowning victim while POI (Point of interest) shall perform circular flights. The fully waterproof, amphibious system will land itself into water to rescue the drowning victim. For safety reasons, the propellors and motors will also be embedded in the ring itself while being covered by a grill on both sides, enabling propulsion whilst protecting the victim from its rotors.