The UAE is well-known as a desert climate reaching temperatures of 55 Celsius and humidity levels higher that 90 degrees during several months every year.

Due to the parking congestion in highly busy areas among most of the UAE emirates a paid parking system is implemented and managed by several thousands of parking operators around UAE.

Parking operators are suffering in the summer from the very high temperatures and humidity, which is affecting their performance during the peak weather temperatures and reducing their accessibility and efficiency in doing their job.

Our project is a proposed solution customised for hot countries: utilising a flying drone with a Long Range RFID reader that can detect a salik card  (the Dubai toll gate system RFID card) in order to indicate the vehicle’s payment and management of parking.

The vehicle information for each RFID sticker is unique and it indicates that vehicle type and owner only, so the vehicle owner can send an SMS to the salik system so they can pay through their mobile.

A Flying drone with Long Range RFID reader connected to a serial data transmitter will fly over or adjacent to the car and can wirelessly detect the tag and send the information to the parking operator sitting in the car, using the toll system laptop.

The computer which will receive the information is connected to the toll system and has immediate updates for the vehicles which are paying/not paying.

Parking areas are saved in the special software in the laptop of the parking operator so the scanning of the vehicles in large parking areas will be autonomous and the parking operator will have a live video streaming to ensure vehicles are detected properly, and in any emergency the operator can switch to the manual mode.

The drone is fully autonomous in taking off and landing using pre saved maps of parking lots in UAE

The RFID reader can detect 50 tags /second which is a very high capacity of detection given that an operator average time to check 50 vehicles is 30 minutes.

The drone will scan the vehicles in its first going trip from the dashboard side and when it is returning to the operator it will scan the vehicles from the rear bumper side so it can detect vehicles in the two positions of parking (front and reverse).

A special cooling system has also been implemented on the LiPo batteries which will enable them to fly in high temperatures.

The system can be categorized as a green system for parking management which will eliminate the need for printing thousands of parking tickets around UAE daily, which is contributing to the streets pollution and can be categorised as a LEED act in order to make the city more tidy and clean

Implementing our Drone Solution can save millions of dirhams annually and can make the life of parking operators much easier in UAE hot weather – eliminating the need for them to visually check each car, and reducing the required time for checking parking lots by 80 per cent.