Skycart has developed the world’s first fully automated drone delivery service. We help businesses like hospitals, courier services, retailers and restaurants to reduce their shipping costs significantly by sending their goods with our drones. We address a rapidly expanding market with more than 11bn shippings per year and 20 per cent annual growth rates. Our business model is simple and highly competitive: we lease our drones for a monthly fee.

Last mile delivery is the final leg of the supply chain. And it is generally the most expensive and least efficient one. In the last years there's been a growing demand for instant deliveries. Instant deliveries on the last mile is even more expensive. Therefore companies have problems to gain customer's loyalty for such expensive shipping services. Many companies restrict the reach for instant deliveries but hence lose out on customers.

Skycart uses self-flying delivery drones which up to 60 per cent more efficiently than current shipping methods. The whole operation works without people. Customer uses our mobile app to enter an address. Then the drone takes over, picks-up the package, flies it to the destination and drops it off safely. We have developed a patented picker technology for autonomous pick-up and drop-off. Skycart's state-of-the-art transportation system is a combination of our drone hardware, mobile app and cloud system. 

Skycart helps companies to reduce shipping costs, to optimize shipping times and to operate 24/7. Our solution is highly scalable from one single drone to thousands of drones for network operations.

Skycart is the only fully automated drone delivery service. Our system works without people. In other words: our logistics chain is completely automized, from pick-up to delivery. We have developed and patented a picker mechanism to pick-up and drop-off packages automatically. A universal plastic adapter can be glued to almost any kind of parcel or box. Skycart's picker mechanism grabs the adapter with the box. We won a contract with national courier service Swiss Post from Switzerland because of these advantages.