The biggest problem fire-fighters face is lack of knowledge. They don't know which floor still has occupied people, which floor has safely evacuated itself, and which floor is occupied by someone may be in grave danger. 

FIREFLY is an Artificial Intelligence and computer vision platform that allows a drone to autonomously and efficiently navigate through apartments in search of stranded people. It has zero prior knowledge about the apartment it enters, and traverses through its environment with extremely minimal outside help.   

FIREFLY can help firefighters by providing them with information of people who are still inside their house. Once a fire alarm starts ringing, and there is still someone inside a house, its clear that they are facing some trouble or hindrance with evacuation. In such cases, the firemen need to be alerted immediately so they can focus their efforts into evacuating such people. 

FIREFLY is a drone that incorporates the technology necessary to inform a firefighter about the status of every apartment in a skyscraper in a rapid and efficient manner. This is information that they greatly need to minimise time wasted through searching empty apartments, when they could rather be evacuating an injured person in another apartment. In such a field, time is crucial, and FIREFLY aims to buy our heroic firemen some more of this precious commodity. 

However, the biggest advantage to FIREFLY is its versatility. Currently, FIREFLY uses a cheap commercial drone that is modified with an Arduino Mini to make it autonomous. The same FIREFLY program can be imported to any drone in the world. FIREFLY isn't just a drone, it is a rapid-evacuation UAV platform based on sophisticated computer vision and AI programming.